Taking the Fight out of Food

March is Nutrition month! I have shared with you some important points on this years theme. Taking the Fight out of Food.food fight
Eating should be joyful, not a source of everyday frustration and confusion. If you’re fighting with food, try this three-step approach:

1. Spot the problem. Define what’s causing your fight with food first.

For example, Belinda says: “Everything I eat seems to give me gas – my friend says to stop eating wheat and gluten. Will that help me?” Get the facts. After reading a medical website, Belinda learns that gas, bloating and burping may be caused by:

  •  Swallowed air
  • Certain food or drinks
  • Medicines
  • Supplements

She is relieved to learn that gas, bloating and burping are all common and can be normal. She also notes that they can be the sign of a condition, such as lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome or celiac disease. She is unsure of the reason for her symptoms, and reads that it’s important not to self-diagnose.

2. Get the facts. Use facts from credible sources to decide what needs to be done to solve the problem.

  • food fight2Are the website writers unqualified to be giving me nutrition information?
  • Do they have facts that sound too good to be true?
  • Does the information come from personal opinions rather than scientific evidence? • Is the content missing reviews or verification by medical experts? • Are the website claims based on a single study that may draw the wrong conclusion? She answers “yes” to most
    of these questions, which means some of the facts she reads are not reliable.

3. Seek support. Put the plan into action with support from a dietitian, family and friends.

It is important not to trust everyone who has an opinion about food and nutrition. Ideally it is best to consult with a regulated health care professional, such as a physician or dietitian

Self-diagnosing, without the care and support of a dietitian, can lead to unnecessary food and nutrient restriction. Don’t miss out on amazing nutritious food if you don’t have to! • A dietitian helps guide your journey to better gut health. The aim is to maximize variety, nutrition and the enjoyment of eating.

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